Summer Holiday Snaps updated with James and Matt

I've been at the Beethoven again

-painting of Ana

– pics from Estremadura - Click Here

Checkout this marvellous bunch of entertainers, of which I happen to be a performing member:-The Madrid Players

Dear All My Friends,

That is- all my real friends and actual relations- you know who you are and I hope and intend to keep hearing from everyone, sharing my news with you and doing other interesting internet things.

The trouble is that, although the internet has undoubtedly added to my life and I get great utility and fun from it, I am getting the feeling that it is trying to swallow me up, and I'm irritated and frustrated at all the things which try to control and limit what I can do and all the things which I do not want which it attempts to shove down my throat.

This is what you need to know:

1. My new email address is mine and mine alone, private and personal to me, only. The existing address, dixon.bill(aa) will disappear once I have figured out how to dispense with it completely.

2. Everything I want to make publicly known about me, to publish or to share will (eventually) appear on the website, which is also mine and mine alone. Disgracebook is finished. That also means that people who want to communicate with me will have to go to the trouble of doing so directly, sending me your photographs or links to your dropboxes or websites or whatever, but it will therefore be a delight to hear from you and I promise to reciprocate with my nearest and dearest.

3. There will be other things things I haven't figured out yet.

So here is the new, e-me, private and free:-



Bill Dixon, Dad, Grandpa etc.