List of pics from Estremadura 2- 4 May

A completely wonderful place with the most beautiful scenery and wildlife. Here is a simple list of each picture.

Nesting Storks

Walking Amongst Cork Trees

Oaks and Brooms above the Valle de Juerte

Last Years Berries and This Years Blossom


200-year-old Cork Tree

Looking across to the Gredos Mountains

A track in the Juerte

A Lovely Day

More Delightful Walking

Another Path

A riot of Flowers Everywhere

Lac de Juerte

A Tricky Descent

Fields of Gold

and purple

This stork was stealing a stick from a neighbour's nest

This one had baby storks to feed. Note the electric supply pole

A beautiful landscape seen from the train back to Madrid

Olive trees in the outskirts of Madrid

I'm planning a return trip in the summer if anyone feels like a few days of walking- camping, maybe a hotel or two for comfort here and there, say in July-August. Any takers?